MWC: No Android news yet

InformationWeek reports that half a day into the Mobile World Coference in Barcelona many phones have been announced, however, none running Google’s Android. 2009 was supposed to be the year of Android, is it actually going to happen? We’re only halfway through the first day at Mobile World Congress and already things are looking bleakContinue reading “MWC: No Android news yet”

Mac Chrome renders first page

The Chromium team got a first page rendering on the Mac version of Google Chrome. Finally. Over the last couple of months, the group working on Mac Chrome (myself included) has shifted gears from layout tests and WebKit compatibility to getting the application user interface up and limping. That also means getting the separate WebCoreContinue reading “Mac Chrome renders first page”

Scaling Digg

I love stories with impressive stats and techniques about how to scale web applications. Here’s a good one about how Digg scales. Interesting is that they use MemcacheDB (note their flashy website) for storing much of their data. MemcacheDB is a key-value store, notice the trend?

Sync your iPhone or iPod with Google Calendar and Contacts

Google finally launches push synchronization for the iPhone and iPod touch: For iPhone and Windows Mobile devices, Google Sync allows you to get your Gmail contacts and Google Calendar events onto your phone. Sync uses push technology, which means that any changes you make to your calendar or contacts from the browser or phone willContinue reading “Sync your iPhone or iPod with Google Calendar and Contacts”