Mr. Digg on how to be #2 like him

Micheal Arringtong was nice enough to give some room to Kevin Rose (of Digg fame) to share his insights into how to become popular on Twitter (Kevin is currently the #2 most followed person). The highlights:

  1. Let your followers retweet you. Retweeting is copying somebody else’s twitter message on your own twitter stream. Personally I think retweeting is fairly annoying the way it’s done right now. Often you have to pay attention to notice if somebody’s retweeting or has these brilliant thoughts him or herself. Also, as somebody who has been retweeted a few time, retweeters are really good at slightly altering the retweeted message (notice the difference?).
  2. Fill out your bio. Makes sense. Updated mine.
  3. Link it up. i.e. spam your twitter username wherever you can. Mine is zef by the way.
  4. Look at the top twitter users and watch how they tweet. For instance, talk like the #1 on twitter.

And there’s 6 more gems. Thank you Kevin.