Real-Time Web

How did you find this article? Did you find out about through RSS? Yeah? Loser! RSS is so 2008. It’s so slow. It’s so pull. It’s so I-don’t-have-anything-better-to-do-let’s-see-if-there’s-anything-newsy. Push is the new pull. XMMP is the new RSS, Twitter is the new Google Reader. The world is moving fast and you’re not catching up! Ask Robert Scoble, your friendly neighbor internet know-it-all. He says RSS shows its age. Q.E.D.

But there’s a new expectation that we’re having thanks to Twitter. We want everything now in real time. I want to see everything that was published now and respond to it now and I want to have conversations about all that in real time.

This works on Twitter and friendfeed, which were built on real-time principles (er, messaging principles) rather than Web principles.

But when you try to hook the real-time web up to the old creaky RSS web, well, you see that the two aren’t very compatible.