Pico Blogging

I’m on twitter. Twitter is cool, but it still leaves too much room for junk. Some people just shouldn’t get any space, or as little space as possible. Clearly this does not apply to me and you, we can handle it. I have a blog on which I can write page-long thoughtful articles. If I wanted to. But I don’t. So I won’t. But people like Steve Yegge, who suffer from verbal diarrhea, could use some lessons in conciseness.

For those people there’s pico blogging. They get 16 characters per day. Here’s what Steve Yegge’s last few picoblogs would look like:

Fable II=awesome
Mario kart=cool

Much better right? Not sure if it covers the content, but come on, I’m not going to actually read these book-length posts to find out.

People tell me they love twitter because if its restrictiveness. You only get 140 characters so it’s a challenge to fit your thoughts in. For this type of people pico blogging is great too. It’s like twitter++ (or twitter — depending on your point of view): even more restrictive than the original. And because you can only post once a day, you better think twice before posting “taking a crap” as your message of the day.