Anatomy of a Twitter message

RT @scobleizer: having lunch with @jasoncalacanis @TechCrunch and @ev at #lunch #lifestream — dramatization of an actual twitter message The simplicity of twitter is often mentioned as the key factor of its success. Slate magazine (April 2007): Twitter is the newest assault on your attention span. Once you’ve signed in, the Twitter siteContinue reading “Anatomy of a Twitter message”

Background processing coming to Google AppEngine

It looks like Google is already some code with the Google AppEngine SDK that expose its future background processing support: I just spotted this in the latest SDK releaseso it looks like cron (among other things) isjust around the corner: $ ls -la google/appengine/cron/total 272drwxr-xr-x 12 samj admin 408 17 Jan 12:18 .drwxr-xr-x 11 samjContinue reading “Background processing coming to Google AppEngine”

Apple’s iPhone patents and Palm’s Pre

Engadget has a very good in-depth analysis of the patent Apple recently received, which supposedly patents multi-touch (which Palm also implemented on its Pre phone). As it turns out, it’s all not as bad as it seemed initially. So where’s the “multitouch patent” everyone keeps going on about? Well, we certainly couldn’t find the sortContinue reading “Apple’s iPhone patents and Palm’s Pre”

Fail fabrication fail

On one of my favorite blogs, FAIL Blog failed miserably: The red lines are from the FAIL blog, the blue one is mine. Either the submitter of this fail post really got the real-time web working, or he posted it himself 1 second earlier. FAIL! (Credit for noticing this goes to my colleague.)

Mr. Digg on how to be #2 like him

Micheal Arringtong was nice enough to give some room to Kevin Rose (of Digg fame) to share his insights into how to become popular on Twitter (Kevin is currently the #2 most followed person). The highlights: Let your followers retweet you. Retweeting is copying somebody else’s twitter message on your own twitter stream. Personally IContinue reading “Mr. Digg on how to be #2 like him”