iPod Touch

A week or two ago my old third genenration iPod broke down after 5 years of service. It was a sad moment, but a happy one as well because it allowed me to finally buy an iPod touch. I must say that I love it, a phone or PDA with a touch screen definitely is the way of the future. The iPod Touch, or rather iTouch, is often overlooked with all the iPhone hype. It’s the less expensive non-phone iPhone that can run practically all the same software from the AppStore.

In the past week or two I’ve been trying lots and lots of software, some free some paid and after lots of installation and removing here are my favorites:

  • Byline, this is an RSS reader that syncs with Google Reader (my RSS reader of choice) but it also works offline, it syncs articles to the iPhone/iPod touch to read on the road. This application costs $9.99 I think (7.99 euro)
  • DataCase, this is a program that allows you to use your device as a wireless hard drive. If you have a mac, it will show up as a bonjour drive, but it is also accessible through ftp and http. You can also view the files on the device. Also not a free application.
  • iSSH, not the only ssh client for the iPhone/iTouch, but the only one that seems to be available in the Netherlands. Works great, you can have multiple connections open, the characters are small but readable. Great. Also not free.
  • Outliner, if you like using outliners, this basically your only choice right now and it works quite well. Not free.
  • WeDict, a free English-English and English-Chinese (don’t care about that) dictionary
  • Stanza, a free eBook reader, makes reading on the iTouch a pleasure, and can download lots of free books (many classics and creative commons books).
  • MiGhtyDocs, if you use Google Docs you will like this, it’s an offline viewer of Google docs (currently text documents only).

And of course… games:

  • DizzyBee, a great game in which you are a bee that has to save his fruit friens. Sounds childish, but is awesome, great use of the accelerometer too. There’s a free lite version and a paid version with more levels.
  • Crash Bandicoot, cool kart game. Not free.
  • Toy Bot Diaries, I just bought this today but I love it already, really good use of accelerometer and touching
  • Tap Tap Revenge, it’s guitar hero for the iPod/iPhone. Cool! And free.
  • Sol Free Solitaire, name says it all, free solitair. Good when compiling.
  • Trism, very cool puzzle game. Not free.