Free Software Fundamentalists challenge the iPhone

The people from the Free Software Foundation on their Defective by Design propaganda site did it again. They once again proved to be whiny sad little people, trying to achieve their goals by bullying, just like they were bullied in primary school.

These geniuses came up with a “challenge” for people working in Apple Stores. Some “challenging” questions that are sure to make their head spin, and make them see how they have been wrong all along, quit their Apple jobs, move back to their parents’ place and contribute free source code to fetchmail.

Up to the challenge? Here are the questions:

  1. Why do all developers have to submit their applications to Apple before they can be loaded onto an iPhone?
  2. Why does iTunes still contain so much DRM-laden music?
  3. The iPhone 3G has GPS support. How can users be sure that the GPS cannot be used to track their position, without their permission?
  4. Last question. Why can the iPhone 3G only be activated by Apple and AT&T?

I won’t bother answering them (I’m not an Apple genius), but other people gave some pretty good answers. I do want to note though that I find question 3 very typical of the FSF.