Links for 2008–06–29

Today’s interesting links: Sales Guy vs. Web Dude [TechCrunch] Classic geek video [Scripting News] Shel Israel Gets Schooled [1938 Media] What’s 6 Million Between Friends [1938 Media] App Engine Community Update [Google App Engine Blog] Simpsons map for Quake III Arena [Boing Boing]

Links for 2008–06–22

Today’s interesting links: Evolution of Gmail chat [Official Gmail Blog] Our favorite homeschooled Facebook user [Clips] [Valleywag] Introducing TechNews, Based On Reddit’s Open Source Project [TechCrunch] Build Your Own Reddit With Reddit [ReadWriteWeb] Announcing MonitManager [Jeffrey Gelens’ blog feed] Reddit social news site goes transparent, open source [Ars Technica] Google App Engine Goes Down andContinue reading “Links for 2008–06–22”

Links for 2008–06–15

Today’s interesting links: How it Happened [] Purity [] iPhone 3G’s true cost is $1,237 [Apple] [Valleywag] Geoducks: the world’s weirdest clams [Boing Boing] The New York Times API: All the News That’s Fit to Mix [ProgrammableWeb] Game Over. Hulu Wins. They Have The Daily Show. And Colbert. [TechCrunch] We Made It! [Twitter Blog]

Driving Drunk

Damien Katz (of CouchDB fame): Static typing is like giving a drunk a bunch of breath mints and saying “Don’t drive drunk. But if you must, use these breath mints in case you get pulled over.”

Links for 2008–06–08

Today’s interesting links: An interview with 280 North on Objective-J and Cappuccino [Ajaxian] William Vambenepe’s blog » Blog Archive » Emulating a long-running process (and a scheduler) in Google App Engine [] The Evolution of Pre-Launch Gmail In Screenshots [TechCrunch] Introducing Gmail Labs [Official Gmail Blog] Gmail Labs: A Public Stage for Googlers’ 20% Time [TechCrunch] CookiesContinue reading “Links for 2008–06–08”

Links for 2008–06–01

Today’s interesting links: Hey Twitter I Have A Few Questions Too [TechCrunch] Wikipedia 3.0: You can now edit any page on Mahalo [The Jason Calacanis Weblog] #98 The Ivy League [Stuff White People Like] FeedBurner Finally Rolls Out AdSense [TechCrunch] ★ Spaces in 10.5.3 [Daring Fireball]