Links for 2008–05–29

Today’s interesting links: Announcing Open Signups, Expected Pricing, and two new APIs [Google App Engine Blog] 3,000 Developers To Converge On Google I/O Tomorrow. Here’s What To Expect. [TechCrunch] Google App Engine Announces Pricing Plan, APIs, Open Access [ReadWriteWeb] Nik Cubrilovic resurfaces at TechCrunch [Nik Cubrilovic] [Valleywag] SmallWorlds Brings a Third Dimension to Web 2.0Continue reading “Links for 2008–05–29”

Links for 2008–05–15

Today’s interesting links: Google Doctype [Daring Fireball] Moshi’s Zefyr MacBook cooler is way hot [Engadget] Why Filtering is the Next Step for Social Media [ReadWriteWeb] [] Google Confirms Friend Connect [TechCrunch] Yahoo Releases Internet Location Platform [ProgrammableWeb] Bill O’Reilly needs a Mac [The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs] Mono’s Winforms 2.0 is now APIContinue reading “Links for 2008–05–15”

Links for 2008–05–08

Today’s interesting links: OAuth Coming to All Google Data APIs [ProgrammableWeb] Mixx Launches Innovative API — Continues to Challenge the Digg Experience [ReadWriteWeb] Java 6 for Mac OS X 10.5 Update 1 [] New App Fixes Nokia Select A Network Nag [GigaOM] Passenger moons speed camera [Boing Boing] Another cloud storage provider enters the fray [Jungle Disk]Continue reading “Links for 2008–05–08”