Links for 2008–04–22

Today’s interesting links: Start Pages: The Next Social Networks [ReadWriteWeb] More on Localized Folder Names [Daring Fireball] Code Review: Start your App Engine and run the cloud offline with your docs [Google Code Blog] Techno []

Links for 2008–04–15

Today’s interesting links: On the App Engine lock-in [Intrepid Blog] Why There Aren’t More Googles [Paul Graham: Unofficial RSS Feed] Is the Mobile Web Dead? Some Mobile Entrepreneurs Say Yes [ReadWriteWeb] Is Google App Engine a Lock-in Play? [O’Reilly Radar — Insight, analysis, and research about emerging technologies] Math Paper [] Persistent Storage for Amazon EC2 [AllContinue reading “Links for 2008–04–15”

Relational Databases are Dead, Long Live Relational Databases

Google’s BigTable — GQL Reference: A GQL query cannot perform a SQL-like “join” query. A Google employee (second post by “ryan”): We’ve had good results when we take a step back and think about our data models from a different angle. Most app developers are accustomed to designing SQL data models in a certain way, with aContinue reading “Relational Databases are Dead, Long Live Relational Databases”