In May, Justyna and I would fly out to Gdansk, Poland to visit her family. We would fly with Centralwings. Justyna flew with Centralwings before and her flight was canceled and flew a few days later. Now it turns out that centralwings has huge debts and is closing down lines left and right. In fact, currently it is not possible to book the flight from Amsterdam to any other destination in Poland other than Crackow. A friend from Poland, who was going to come here in April, called that her flight from Warsaw was cancelled. We are trying to figure out if ours in May is also cancelled, but it’s difficult because if you check on the website you always get a “database is too busy” page, if you call the international number it is never picked up and if you call the local numbers they either don’t answer or there huge queues.

Their slogan:

Anyway, my point is: only fly with Centralwings if you don’t really care whether you’re going or not.