First Paper Accepted

This morning we got an e-mail saying that our paper entitled “Code Generation by Model Transformation. A Case Study” has been accepted to the International Conference on Model Transformation ’08. Which means that the first paper I co-wrote will be published! The paper is about the implementation of WebDSL and the two dimensions of modularity that we applied to organize the WebDSL generator and make it extensible.

The paper will be presented in Zurich, Switzerland this July, I’m not sure who of the three of us will be there. We’ll see.

Update: Abstract: The realization of model-driven software development requires effective techniques for implementing code generators. In this paper, we present a case study of code generation by model transformation with Stratego, a high-level transformation language based on the paradigm of rewrite rules with programmable strategies that integrates model-to-model, model-to-code, and code-to-code transformations. The use of concrete object syntax guarantees syntactic correctness of code patterns, and supports the subsequent transformation of generated code. The composability of strategies supports two dimensions of transformation modularity. Vertical modularity is achieved by designing a generator as a pipeline of model-to-model transformations that gradually transforms a high-level input model to an implementation. Horizontal modularity is achieved by supporting the definition of plugins which implement all aspects of a language feature. We discuss the application of these techniques in the implementation of WebDSL, a domain-specific language for dynamic web applications with a rich data model.