Links for 2008–03–22

Today’s interesting links: Google Translate API [Google Operating System] Travelling Salesman Problem [] Amazon’s Newest Web Service: Shipping Center APIs [ReadWriteWeb] Would You Pay An Extra $100 For An All-You-Can-Listen-To iPod [TechCrunch] Connecting Your Nokia Calendar to Google Calendar [GigaOM] Code Generation by Model Transformation [Transformations and Abstractions] Apple evaluating “all you can eat” iTunesContinue reading “Links for 2008–03–22”

Links for 2008–03–15

Today’s interesting links: Banshee Release [Miguel de Icaza] MonoDevelop 1.0 has been Released [Miguel de Icaza] MonoDevelop 1.0 has been Released [Mono Project News] And Nerds Became Kings: Yahoo! to Announce Semantic Web Support [ReadWriteWeb] Google Docs to Add a Menu and Print Layout [Google Operating System] Guy Kawasaki Formally Launches Alltop. Wow, It’s Bad.Continue reading “Links for 2008–03–15”

Sittin’ on the CouchDB

For the past few days I’ve been dabbling with CouchDB. Trying to figure out what it can do and how it’s different than traditional relational databases. According to the site: CouchDB is designed for document-oriented applications. A typical real-world document oriented activity, if it weren’t computerized, would consist mostly of physical paper documents. These documentsContinue reading “Sittin’ on the CouchDB”

Links for 2008–03–08

Today’s interesting links: 03/7/08 PHD comic: ‘Tales from the road — Wisconsin’ [PHD Comics] Applied Metamodelling: A Foundation for Language Driven Development [Lambda the Ultimate — Programming Languages Weblog] ★ iPhone Enterprise and SDK: First Impressions and Questions [Daring Fireball] iPhone 2.0: Enterprise Ready. Developer Ready. [TechCrunch] The iPhone Gets Serious: A Summary of Today’s Announcements [ReadWriteWeb]