Links for 2008–02–08

Today’s interesting links: McCain’s baggage [Scripting News] La Peque??a Prohibida [Boing Boing] Is just PR? [Scobleizer — Tech geek blogger] negotiating $50 million sale to Microsoft [Exclusive] [Valleywag] XML: Done like a well-cooked steak [Don Box’s Spoutlet] Heroku Lifts Ruby on Rails Development into the Cloud [TechCrunch] MacBook Air SSD: the Ars Review [OSNews] ThirtyContinue reading “Links for 2008–02–08”

Links for 2008–02–07

Today’s interesting links: OpenID Welcomes Microsoft, Google, Verisign and IBM [TechCrunch] J-walking with Reader [Official Google Reader Blog] Real Programmers [] AdCamo Offers Background Advertising: Hmmmm [TechCrunch] ★ Translation From PR-Speak to English of Selected Portions of Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang’s Company-Wide Memo Regarding the Microsoft Takeover Bid [Daring Fireball] Google Docs Gets Forms, MoreContinue reading “Links for 2008–02–07”


I got some time for blogging again. Why? Because I’m doing some development of our WebDSL compiler again, or rather, debugging. And as compiling this thing takes like 2 minutes, I got more time to write. Great way of keeping posts short. (source) Ok, the two minutes have passed.

Links for 2008–02–06

Today’s interesting links: Leaked Yang memo calls for hard work, commitment, and anybody but Microsoft [Yahoo] [Valleywag] Funny story about computer confiscation in Denmark [Boing Boing] Chyrp [Daring Fireball] Great moments in Dave Winerdom #3 [The Jason Calacanis Weblog] Holland to Become World’s First Floating Country [Digg] 3G + N95 + JoikuSpot + WiFi +Continue reading “Links for 2008–02–06”

Today’s links

Today’s interesting links (from Google Reader): Writing with ease [dive into mark] Unboxing an Apple IIc [Boing Boing] Story about Woody Allen’s favorite typeface [Boing Boing] Leopard Preview Bug [Photos from Zef Hemel’s contacts] The Arc Challenge [Paul Graham: Unofficial RSS Feed] Google gets FOAF [Raw] The real 2011 list [dive into mark] Social GraphContinue reading “Today’s links”