Spottt Brings Back Memories

Spottt (yes, that’s three t’s) is a free banner advertising network. Those who were active building websites on the internet in the mid-nineties must be familiar with this concept. Especially when I say one (what we would now call wiki-) word: LinkExchange. LinkExchange was, like Spottt, a banner exchange service. You upload your banner andContinue reading “Spottt Brings Back Memories”

Links for 2008–02–12

Today’s interesting links: Haiku brings back those BeOS glory days [Engadget] Twittershare Brings File Sharing to Twitter [ReadWriteWeb] Innotek Bought by Sun [OSNews] ‘Fluxbuntu: User-Friendly Featherweight Linux?’ [OSNews] CouchDB @ ASF [Sam Ruby] Building a Killer Web App In 45 Minutes [TechCrunch] Spottt Reincarnates LinkExchange [TechCrunch] LiquidPlanner Offers Online Project Management [ReadWriteWeb] Give up: 77.3mContinue reading “Links for 2008–02–12”

Links for 2008–02–11

Today’s interesting links: Delver Reinvents Search [ReadWriteWeb] Yang’s latest internal memo: “We’re on the move” [Yahoo] [Valleywag] Yahoo Confirms Rejection Letter to Microsoft [TechCrunch] TipJoy — A Better Tip Jar For Content [TechCrunch]

AOL Open Mobile Platform: Who Cares?

ReadWriteWeb: AOL today announced the Open Mobile Platform, which the company plans to release to developers this summer. AOL says the software development platform will help developers create applications across major mobile device operating systems including BREW, Java, Linux, RIM, Symbian, and Windows Mobile. The platform will consist of three parts: an XML-based scripting language,Continue reading “AOL Open Mobile Platform: Who Cares?”

Links for 2008–02–10

Today’s interesting links: XML People [ongoing] Heroku: Web based Rails Hosting [Ajaxian] Virtualization in Linux: A Review of Four Software Choices [Digg] Guy Kawasaki inflates egos that don’t need inflating with Alltop [Alltop] [Valleywag] The New Safari Is Amazingly Quick, Firefox Watch Out [TechCrunch] Writers’ strike end imminent, and an online vid is worth $1200.Continue reading “Links for 2008–02–10”

Links for 2008–02–09

Today’s interesting links: Yahoo’s Bold Whimper [TechCrunch] Yahoo to Microsoft: talk to the hand, we say Nohoo! [Ars Technica] Mark Zuckerberg convinces 1,500 Spanish speakers to paint his fence [Lost In Translation] [Valleywag] Paris Hilton Goes to Harvard [Digg] When Facebook Ads Go Wrong [ReadWriteWeb] Tiinker is the Anti-Digg [ReadWriteWeb]