Links for 2008–02–17

Today’s interesting links: Yahoo board splinters in Yang versus Bostock battle [Nerdfight] [Valleywag] Elonex One: England’s 100 quid laptop [Engadget] Eyeball stickers to place over eyelids [Boing Boing] Amazon Web Services Goes Down, Takes Many Startup Sites With It [TechCrunch] Amazon S3 Storage Service Goes Down, Still Not Up [GigaOM] ★ The Appeal of theContinue reading “Links for 2008–02–17”

Links for 2008–02–14

Today’s interesting links: Jesus hit by lightning [Boing Boing] Generate KML With Google Spreadsheets [O’Reilly Radar] Rethinking the Spreadsheet: Google Forms and Live Data [GigaOM] WTFs/m [ –] How I started Seesmic and raised $6 million (Loïc Le Meur/Loic Le Meur Blog) [Techmeme] VIDEO — DataPortabilityAndMe — Chris Saad Responds [ Format Updates] Oasis In the Middle of NowhereContinue reading “Links for 2008–02–14”

Links for 2008–02–13

Today’s interesting links: Radiohead to remixer: naw, it’s cool, go ahead. [Boing Boing] One Yahoo’s last “free triple non-fat latte from Beantrees” [Layoffs] [Valleywag] Li’l J: hit me up on my mufuggin MySpace. [Boing Boing] Sun Buys VirtualBox Virtualization Software [GigaOM] Man learns to read after 17 years of teaching high school [Digg] One hundredContinue reading “Links for 2008–02–13”