Ubuntu Mobile


Canonical today hoped to preempt all comers today with news of Ubuntu Mobile. Its first Linux variant aimed at handhelds, the software is tailored for the Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) expected to launch in spring based on Intel’s Silverthorne technology and is designed to recognize basic iPhone-like gestures such as swiping to scroll through menus and websites. A scrolling visual front end based on Flash or Clutter replaces the traditional Ubuntu desktop and is designed to be used solely with fingers, including with an on-screen keyboard.

MIDs based on Ubuntu Mobile will also have full feature support once users launch actual programs, Canonical promises. In addition to full web browsing support, any handheld should support 3D through OpenGL and will have support for 3G cellular Internet access, Wi-Fi, and WiMAX through services such as Sprint’s Xohm network. Bluetooth, GPS, USB webcams and other add-ons often used with handheld devices will be supported without needing special support.

I really wonder what kind of devices this will run on. The article mentions it’s for devices with 4–7″ screens — not really mobile phone size. I guess it’s mostly targeted at smaller tablet-like computers.