Google Scholar’s Killer Feature: BibTeX Exports

For my research I use Google Scholar quite a bit. It works reasonably well, although I would like more control over the results I get (like ordering them by date published). Last week, however, I found the killer feature:

As many, I use LaTeX to write papers and BibTeX for keeping track of papers I cite. The annoying thing is it is often hard to get the information about papers (title, authors, conference, years etc.) in BibTeX format. Now, it turns out Google Scholar offers this as a feature, it’s hidden, but it’s there. Go to your preferences and check the “Show links to import citations into BibTeX” radio button as shown above. Then, with every article result in Google Scholar you find:

I know, this is the kind of thing I get excited about these days. You can laugh, but I at least still appreciate the smaller things in life.