90’s classic: Alice’s First Mobile Phone

2:32 p.m.: “Hon, when you get home tonight could you pick up some tomatoes in the store? We ran out.”

2:35 p.m.: “Something went wrong. I heard a beep sound coming from the bedroom, like 2 seconds after I sent my message.”

2:40 p.m.: “I think I might have aimed my phone wrong. I was pointed it towards the bedroom, thought it wouldn’t matter. How silly of me.”

2:44 p.m.: “Hon, where do we keep the map? Want to see which direction I should point to send the message to your work.”

2:48 p.m.: “I keep hearing those beep sounds from the bedroom. Maybe the messages are bouncing the walls back to the bedroom.”

2:55 p.m.: “Hon, which street is you work at again? 22nd street or 24th street?”

3:02 p.m.: “Test”

3:07 p.m.: “No, still doesn’t work.”

3:15 p.m.: “I give up. Again a beep from the bedroom. Phone is broken. You should return it tomorrow.”