A New Series: Ideas That Never Happened

I am an impulsive person. Every so often I come up with an idea, and before I know it I set up a website for it, bought a domain name and am ready to go. A few days, sometimes hours later I see that it wasn’t such a good idea anyway, or if it was: that there’s no way I have time for it.

I thought that, instead of letting the idea drown and be forgotten, I could share some of them with you. Who know somebody does see value, or at least gets a laugh about this silly naive side of Mr. Zef.

Idea 1: The Curves

Mostly I was infatuated with the cool name I came up with, but that hardly is a reason to actually pursue it.

Idea: start a new blog about curves in technology and companies involved in it, i.e. big changes that either are about to happen (ahead of the curve) or are in the process of happening. This would be sort of like TechCruch and Read/Write Web, instead more focussed on the bigger picture. Personal goal: actually blogging finished quality thoughts, rather than half done stories as I post too often on this blog. Long term goal: hire other journalists to write it with me.

Reason for not doing it: This costs time and lots of it. I have a full-time job and a girlfriend I like to spend time with in the evenings and weekends. When am I supposed to do this? Other than that, what qualifies me to in fact find these curves in the market? Bad idea.

More to come. I’m sure.