Phew… First Paper Submitted

After a few weeks of hard work our first paper is finished. We submitted it to the International Conference on Model Transformations ’08. In March we’ll hear if it is accepted or not. I won’t go into details about what we wrote about exactly (not quite sure what I can say and what not), but it’s a paper about how the WebDSL generator is constructed.

Did you notice that link just now? I linked to, that means that we launched the first alpha! The reason I didn’t post about it before is partly lack of time, but mostly because I don’t feel it’s ready for prime time yet. It really is an alpha. We have some performance issues (the site can be quite slow, especially when you’re logged in) and the behaviour of WebDSL models can sometimes seem unpredicatable if you’re not that familiar with it. Plus, there’s hardly any documentation. Oh, and installing it works mostly, as long as you use the Nix package manager to do so, which — I am very aware — is not nearly mainstream (but also not that hard to install). I was working on whipping up some debian packages, but had some trouble on the way. Either way, if you feel like trying it, go ahead. This week WebDSL is taught as an example DSL for the program transformation course that is taught here. I’m sure documentation will improve then and we’ll most likely find loads of bugs.