Ubuntu Mobile

Electronista: Canonical today hoped to preempt all comers today with news of Ubuntu Mobile. Its first Linux variant aimed at handhelds, the software is tailored for the Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) expected to launch in spring based on Intel’s Silverthorne technology and is designed to recognize basic iPhone-like gestures such as swiping to scroll throughContinue reading “Ubuntu Mobile”

Links for 2008–02–27

Today’s interesting links: What made me cry: Microsoft’s World Wide Telescope [Scobleizer — Tech geek blogger] Xbox 360 HD DVD drive now officially $49.99 [Engadget] Mono and the Game Developers Conference [Miguel de Icaza] Another GNOME-Mono Discussion [OSNews]


About a week and a half ago, February 16th, Justyna and I got engaged! It happened in a hotel, just after sunset at the seaside, it was very romantic :) (Old picture, and I look a bit weird — but Justyna likes this picture) Because Justyna is Polish we will probably do two weddings. The civil wedding endContinue reading “Engaged!”

Links for 2008–02–26

Today’s interesting links: Smoking pistachio nut [Boing Boing] Goodbye, Mighty Mouse [Matt’s Blog] Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro get refreshed with faster CPUs, multi-touch [Engadget] FriendFeed Raises $5 Million, Now Open to Everyone [TechCrunch] Quake Live: in-browser, ad-supported Quake III [Boing Boing] Little Shop of Twitters [Twitter Blog] Inspiration matters [Presentation Zen]

Links for 2008–02–22

Today’s interesting links: Stephen Fry on the Asus Eee [Boing Boing] Microsoft buries programmers in 30,000 pages of documentation [Open Source] [Valleywag] Red Hat Sends C&D to DataPortability.org…Over Its Logo [ReadWriteWeb] Redhat send Data Portability group Cease and Desist letter, are the logos that similar? [DataPortability.org Format Updates]

Links for 2008–02–21

Today’s interesting links: Microsoft Makes Public Commitments to Data Portability and Interoperability [ReadWriteWeb] Microsoft Bumps Online Storage To 5GB [TechCrunch] Cloudo, an Internet OS, Launches Alpha [ReadWriteWeb] Live Messenger misleads users about 64-bit compatibility [istartedsomething]

Links for 2008–02–20

Today’s interesting links: Yahoo Search Wants to Be More Like Google, Embraces Hadoop [TechCrunch] DataPortability and me, JB [Cloudlands] Clever [Knowing.NET] 10 Apps To Have For Your Symbian S60 Phone [GigaOM] Duty Calls [xkcd.com]