Ranting on Rails

Zed (please, do not confuse him with me) — of Mongrel fame, apparently (I had never heard of him) — is hitting it hard in Rails is a Ghetto. It’s a long rant with, how shall I put it, a lot of f-words and c-words. Mongrel is a webserver (as I understand it) for Ruby on Rails, which was developed by Zed. He’s now cutting off from the Ruby on Rails community in a way that’s not seen a lot (thankfully). If you have some time and are a good at skimming long texts there are some funny and/or interesting things in there on people in the Ruby on Rails community (which are according to him the most arrogant bunch around) and ThoughtWorks as well. I’ve heard more stories about arrogant Ruby on Rails people. Such as this amusing piece by Mark Pilgrim about a David Heinemeier Hansson (creator or RoR) blog post from around the time that Twitter had all these performance problems (Twitter is built on RoR).