Compiz in 3D

The Compiz guys (compiz is a composite engine for Linux that implements cool visual effects) have implemented a 3D mode. If you own a pair of 3D glasses, those with one red and one blue glass, you will see the desktop in actual 3D. Cool :)

Microsoft joins

Read/WriteWeb: Chris Saad, Chairman of the Data Portability Working Group, confirmed to me this morning that Microsoft’s David Treadwell, a VP at Windows Live,will be joining the organization. Microsoft is expected to make aformal announcement in the coming days. News first leaked out via ashadowy post at Computerworld this morning. Things are moving fast, atContinue reading “Microsoft joins”

Bazaar Version Control System

The company behind Ubuntu has now released version 1.0 of Bazaar, a distributed version control system. Features: Friendly. Distributed version control doesn’t need to be complex. Bazaar is Distributed Version Control for Human Beings. Bazaar has a natural feel because we focus on usability, particularly task efficiency. Smart. Bazaar has perfect support for renaming filesContinue reading “Bazaar Version Control System”