Volta: Microsoft’s answer to Google’s GWT

Microsoft announces Volta:

“The idea is that you start out building your application, focusing on the functionality, the look and feel, until you’re satisfied with it and then you repurpose it into an AJAX application or whatever,” Erik Meijer, Volta’s principal architect and a member of Microsoft’s SQL Server team, said in an interview. “You incrementally morph a standard client-only application into a Web application. The programmer specifies the intent and then we’re going to insert all the necessary code to do the ‘how.’”

I’ve always been intrigued by the work Erik Meijer has been doing at Microsoft (and before) — and not only because he’s Dutch. LINQ, which he co-architected, is a great idea and in WebDSL I’m stealing some bits and pieces of it. The idea behind Volta, as he describes it seems perfect to me. Your initial thought should not be about whether you’ll deploy it as a web application or desktop application, but what it should do. Software should be easily retargetable, and that is what Volta is geared at, for those using Microsoft technologies.