How the ID Looks Like

I want to apologize upfront if I come through as an arrogant know-it-all, but this thing has been bugging me for a while now. You could ask who I think I am, clearly assuming I can lecture other people on their English, even though mine is far from perfect — but I’m going to anyway.

Dutch English speakers (Dutch people that speak English) listen up. There are two mistakes that I hear Dutch people make all the time. And the problem with these things is that once you notice them, you’ll keep noticing them forever. You may argue that it is in fact me who has the problem, so I should deal with it, however for me it’s much easier if the entire Dutch population changes its ways rather than me working on my stickler ears.

Mistake #1: Pronouncing the word “idea” as “aidee” instead of “aideeah” (there is an “a” sound there people). This often confuses me, because they may actually both mean “ID” (identifier, or something like a passport) or “idea”.

Mistake #2: “How does it look like?” This is wrong. It’s either “How does it look?” or “What does it look like?” Germans also seem to make this mistake a lot.

That’s it. If everyone could stop making those two mistakes, that would life much more pleasurable for me.