The Eee

Asus recently came out with the Eee. It’s a very small laptop (7″ screen, weighs less than a kilogram) running Linux.

It can be used by cute little children.

and nice looking women on the beach (is it me or does this look like a photoshopped picture?).

Why is this laptop interesting to me? Two reasons: it’s really small and cheap ($300/300 euro) and it runs Linux by default. Linux still doesn’t have a big market share on the desktop. It has a big share of the server market and even an increasing share on devices (music players, PDAs, smart phones), but still not that many people use it on the desktop. There are, of course, many good reasons for this (software compatibility, user-unfriendliness, defacto standards). What makes the Eee interesting is that it’s not really suitable as a “main” computer. It’s too tiny. This makes it feel more like a gadget, an additional computer you can just use on the road or for presentations. It’s a powerful one, however. I think that, if lots of people buy this kind of device, they will realize it does mostly everything they need (other than being really tiny). You can browse the web, read email, make presentations. They may see that Linux can be user friendly (the UI of the Eee seems really simple).

It might just change Linux’s image and adoption a bit.

Either way, I want one. Just don’t know what I would use it for.

More info on the Eee (including specs).