Rectification: Forced Linux

Only minutes after my post about some advantages I found about Linux over Mac I already started receiving comments that OS X does, in fact, have all the features I mentioned. In Finder, if you start typing a name, it will go to that file or folder (this, apparently, even works in iTunes — I was so sure I tried that and was always frustrated that it didn’t work, but it does), and you can, indeed, set the exact path where you want to save any file.

Anyway, I’m back in OS X now. Parallels works again with networking and I’m compiling my stuff inside a virtual machine. It’s not perfect, but it works. The reason for the switch back to Mac OS X was that it was easier to get my new 24″ Dell screen and new Mighty Mouse to work there. I have an extended desktop now. One laptop screen (13″ 1280×800) and a 24″ TFT monitor (24″ 1900×1200). It’s amazing. So much more room for my Emacs ;)

(Click for larger version)

The wireless mighty mouse I got is ok. I have to get used to it a bit. The scrolling works nicely, I can left- and right-click now. The buttons on the side (the squeezing) is something I don’t use. You really have to squeeze for it to respond. But all in all, it’s not as bad as I heard people say.