Re-Introducing Javascript

Here’s a nice and long Javascript tutorial. I haven’t done much with Javascript for the past years and was never that familiar with the things beyond basic control structure, simple DOM things and functions and things. This tutorial gives a nice introduction into JS’s object model. A good read.

Awesome Bridge

London Design Festival 2006: Bridge, by Michael Cross, is a series of steps that rise out of the water as you walk across them, as if walking on water. On entering the exhibition the visitor is met by an empty expanse of water with one step at its edge: stepping on to it forces it…

Paris’ Phone

<Uninteresting>Look, Paris is back from jail (and apparently continues her life like before): Hey, but what’s it she’s holding there against her face? Is a remote control, a face warmer maybe? Let’s have a closer look. Yesssss, it’s an iPhone! She has been saving in jail and can now afford one. Paris is cool! </Uninteresting>