Fake Steve

After seeing and hearing it being mentioned a few times I decided to subscribe to The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs. It’s fake, but it’s very funny fake. Which is just up from just funny fake. Below that is just fake, which is not all that impressive. But let’s not get into the funny-fakeness spectrum discussion again. Here’s Steve’s Blogger profile. His location is set right, so you know it is really him.


Let’s be honest if you refer to this guy:

In this manner:

This Brad Pitt look-alike went out and got a Zune logo tattooed on his arm. See here on the “Zune Scene” website. I want to believe this is some kind of fake photo. But the link shows a closeup which looks pretty real. Well, Microsoft, you really know how to market and advertise, I’ll give you that.

That’s golden comedy ;)