My Take on the iPhone

Everyone has done it, but who cares — here’s my take on the iPhone. I think the iPhone is interesting. Not because it’s the best and most advanced phone in the world — it’s not — but because it once again proves that a good design UI is worth lots. History is repeating for Apple. Apple always used to be the company that sold good looking, quality computers for a higher price than the average PC. They sold computers, but not all that many (compared to IBM-compatible PCs). Then after a while prices sunk and now they are roughly at the same level as “normal” PCs.

They are doing something very similar with the iPhone. The iPhone is good looking. The iPhone is probably the most expensive phone in the world: $999 without a contract. A thousand bucks! Usually you purchase it with a 2-year contract and then it’s only $500. And the funny thing… it will sell like crazy. At the very least the first batch.

Why? Because it’s Apple. Apple since the Macintosh has become the designer computer firm. The company with taste. Everyone has an iPod these days. More and more buy MacBooks (I used to be one of the few in my surroundings with a Mac, now it’s many more). Design thing is one thing, but the second is UI design. Apple has made UI design into an art. If you look at how the UI of the iPhone is designed — it’s good. It’s clever. It’s simple. I recently bought a Nokia N95 and I love it, it can do many things more than the iPhone, but it’s not as easy to use as the iPhone.

And that’s attractive. Ease of use and good design is value. If only more companies would get that.