Gay Bomb

You won’t believe this… IOL: The Pentagon had once considered the creation of a hormone weapon that would turn enemy soldiers into homosexuals who’d rather make love than war, according to government documents. The US Air Force’s Wright Laboratory in Ohio had asked in 1994 for 7.5 million dollars to develop a bomb containing aContinue reading “Gay Bomb”

AJAX Reality Check

Recent announcements like that the iPhone will allow 3rd party developers develop “applications” for it using “modern web 2.0 technologies” and Adobe’s Apolle, err, AIR that brings these “modern web 2.0 technologies” to the desktop, made me wonder. Does anybody realize where we came from and that these “web 2.0 technologies” aren’t great at all,Continue reading “AJAX Reality Check”

Fake Steve

After seeing and hearing it being mentioned a few times I decided to subscribe to The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs. It’s fake, but it’s very funny fake. Which is just up from just funny fake. Below that is just fake, which is not all that impressive. But let’s not get into the funny-fakeness spectrumContinue reading “Fake Steve”