Beyond World Peace

Riyo Mori, from Japan, was just chosen as the new miss universe. Not that interesting in itself, except that her deepest wish was not “World Peace” as is traditional for the often peanut-size-brained contestants of such pageants. No, Riyo wished for something much more…

Riyo wished for a solution for the tabs-vs-spaces issue. You know, should you, as a programmer, use tabs or spaces in your source code? It’s a discussion that has been going on for generations without any real solution. Wishing for something seemingly impossible to realize, yet a bit more realistic than world peace, resulted in instant gratification for Riyo.

People, the world has been freed of one of its main challenges. I sincerely hope that future misses universe (miss universes?) will keep hitting them out of the world with a stick, and “pull a Riyo” as I like to say. Inspired by Riyo, and who wouldn’t be, Nick Gravgaard solved the issue once and for all:

The solution then is to redefine how tabs are interpreted by the text editor. Rather than saying that a tab character will move the cursor until the cursor’s position is a multiple of N characters, we should say that a tab character is a delimiter between table cells in a manner more reminiscent of how they’re used in tab separated value (TSV) files.

This fundamental insight wiped out the tabs vs. spaces issue once and for all. And to make things even better, Nick implemented his idea in Riyo’s favorite editor: gedit. She will be pleased, Nick.

And with that, I would like to suggest the next world problem to be addressed: the use of stupid parameter, variable and method names in example code.