Some Things are just Cool

Phil Morle is the former CTO of Kazaa who recently joined OmniDrive as their CTO. One of his reasons was, according to his blog post:

One idea really caught my attention and the vision is huge and important. When I met Nik Cubrilovic (Omnidrive’s CEO) in the Darling Harbour Starbucks he told me about his idea for WebFS — a standard for exchanging files on the web. Sounds a bit dull at first doesn’t it? But when you start to think about it for a little while it comes alive because it is one of those big ideas that has a profound effect on things.

I see WebFS as an important missing link in the software-as-services concept. As soon as services can start moving files around as easy as they do data today, some interesting new things will become possible and I am excited about being a part of that.

I am particularly interested in the idea that the user in a WebFS world owns their own files again. So if I sign up for the latest online document editing service, I am not having to lock myself in by storing my files with them also. Future apps like Google Docs and Flickr will become interfaces to our files and data, not the repository itself for our stuff.

This is him on Skype:

A true believer ;)