Prom Queen

Interesting things are happening in the Internet TV space. Its newest show? Prom Queen. It’s a teenage drama series. Each episode effectively is about a minute and a half long. There will be 80 episodes. I watched the first 6 episodes and it’s OK, it’s not really my kind of series, but I wouldn’t beContinue reading “Prom Queen”

Ms. Dewey

Ms. Dewey is a new search lady. You can go to her website and ask her a question, if you’re lucky (i.e. if you ask about “art”, “country” or some other general term), she will tell you something about it. If you’re unlucky she will tell you she has nothing to say about that orContinue reading “Ms. Dewey”

TV Shows (Mac)

It’s here. TVShows: TVShows is a Mac OS X application that automatically downloads your favourite shows. You don’t need anymore to manually download torrent files, TVShows does it for you. Manage your subscriptions and preferences from within the TVShows application, and TVShows takes care of the rest: a background process is automatically launched at aContinue reading “TV Shows (Mac)”

Python as a First Language

John M. Zelle, Wartburg College: Currently, there is little consensus about which programming language is most appropriate for introductory computer science classes. Most schools use a traditional system programming language such as C, C++, Java, or Ada in CS1 and CS2. However, scripting languages such as Tcl, Perl and Python are becoming increasingly popular softwareContinue reading “Python as a First Language”