Fast Machine for Email

Hi, my name is Greg. I like email, I email a lot. But email is really slow, ya know? I’m like waiting ages for my mail to send. Thats not gansta. So I need a new mailingmachine. Now Apple came out with a new Mac Pro

Dunnit look cool? You’re all like looking up to it? It has all of them bullet halls all over it? That’s phat.

It has like 8 cores, dunno what them are but it sounds like the shit right? They say a core is like a small processer but cooler. And I’m cool, so thats exactly what I need. With eight of them cores I figure I can send like 8 emails simelten… at the same time. That I figure has to be at least 5 times more I do now.

Ofcourse I ain’t no sissy, so I maxed at that bitch out like theres no tomorrow. Now I got plenty space for my emails and Im sure they will sent like crazy!

With them two 30 insh moniters I can type two emails at the same time y’all! I had to buy the stupid “USB modem” thing, because my momma wont buy me DSL. And you know whats great about them Apple guys? They ship you all this stuff FOR FREE! Thats what Im talkin’ about. Thats an offer ya cant refuse.