Google Desktop for the Mac

Google released Google Desktop for the Mac, which is in my opinion Google’s least interesting product ever. On Windows there was a point to Google Desktop: Windows until a few months later did not have a proper desktop search product. But on the Mac we’ve had desktop search that works really well for a while now, so what’s the point of Google Desktop on the Mac? I haven’t a clue. Searching Gmail from your Desktop really isn’t enough of a feature to me. I’d prefer a Google Talk client for the Mac if I had to choose.

Here’s a review of the software. It seems it’s mostly interesting for Macies that are also Googlies — those who use a Mac and anything Google as a lifestyle choice — a group that I’m sure is growing.

An observation about desktop search engines in general: is it just me or are they really not that useful? I must admit I was quite excited about them when desktop search engines just came out, but now I hardly ever use them. Maybe it’s because I’m Dutch and it’s well known that Dutch people are the most organized people on the planet, but I simply don’t touch Spotlight (the Mac’s built-in desktop search) hardly at all. I use Spotlight features in some Mac applications, mostly Mail, but it has been ages since I actually used it from the Finder or that cute Spotlight icon at the top-right of my screen. In the beginning I used it for launching applications, but since I installed Quicksilver, which does this task much faster, I haven’t really touched Spotlight anymore. Is it just me?