Gmail gets Infinity+1 storage

This was posted on the 2nd of April so I assume it’s not an April Fool’s day joke. BBspot:

Mountain View, CA — Google announced today that soon customers of their Gmail service will have their storage size increased to “infinity plus one.” The announcement comes shortly after Yahoo’s announcement that their Yahoo mail customers would be given unlimited storage.

Greg Tomkins, an engineer at Google, is credited with coming up with the “infinity plus one” idea. “I was out in the yard when my kids ran up to me yelling at each other. My son said to my daughter, ‘I hate you to infinity.’ She replied, ‘I hate you to infinity plus one.’ And right then I knew I had the solution to competing with unlimited storage,” said Tomkins.

It sounds like it could be true. Yahoo! mail does offer unlimited storage now and why would Google stay behind? And infinity+1 of space is a very typical thing for Google to pull. So, great news for Gmail users I would say.