Simpsons Linguistic Roundup

To show that I’m actually doing different stuff than computer science-related things, here’s a something linguistic that even many computer scientists will appreciate: The Third Annual Simpsons Linguistic Roundup. One example:

Bart’s watching a TV entertainment news broadcast called “Hip-Hoppenings”:

Rapping Anchor: Yo yo yo, here now the nuhzooz! The top artists of hip hop are comin’ to Springfield! This all-star concert, dubbed ‘Murder for Life’, features Da Glock-Pointers, Romeo Smooth, Queen Booty-Shakah, MC Champagne Millionaire and Assault Weapons magazine Man of the Year Alcatraz!
Bart (throwing gang symbols): Alcatraz is widespread! I’m talkin’ da junk!
Lisa (rolling her eyes): Just what we need. Another lame suburban kid who loves rap.
Bart: So? You like the blues!
Lisa (smugly): Yeah, but the blues are unpopular!
Bart (more symbols): Man, are you illin’!
Lisa: Rappers stopped saying illin’ twelve years ago!
Bart: I’m keepin’ it real!
Lisa: They stopped saying keepin’ it real three years ago.
Bart: Mom, Lisa’s dissin’ me!
Marge: Dissin’? Do rappers still say that?