Flickr Technology

Over here you can find a (slightly outdated) presentation given about Flickr. Apparently it is implemented in PHP 4 using MySQL as a database. Some interesting stats from the presentation: 60,000 lines of PHP4 code 60,000 lines of templates 70 custom smarty functions/modifiers 25,000 DB transactions/second at peak 1000 pages per second at peak NoteContinue reading “Flickr Technology”

Good Morning! And in Case I Don’t See Ya…

Remember the Truman Show, the movie made barely 10 years ago? Well something very similar has now actually happened, but not without the “Truman” (his name is Justin) knowing about it. Justin is a guy walking around with a camera plastered to his face that is broadcasting live to his website: Justin.TV: And heContinue reading “Good Morning! And in Case I Don’t See Ya…”

Daily Show: YouTube vs Viacom

A great fragment of the Daily Show on the YouTube vs Viacom lawsuit. Basically Viacom is suing Google for $1 billion because of copyright infringement, as people uploaded lots of Viacom stuff (Viacom owns, among other things, Comedy Central which creates The Daily Show and The Colbert Report). Watch it.

Simpsons Linguistic Roundup

To show that I’m actually doing different stuff than computer science-related things, here’s a something linguistic that even many computer scientists will appreciate: The Third Annual Simpsons Linguistic Roundup. One example: Bart’s watching a TV entertainment news broadcast called “Hip-Hoppenings”: Rapping Anchor: Yo yo yo, here now the nuhzooz! The top artists of hip hopContinue reading “Simpsons Linguistic Roundup”


Freebase is a new semantic web database of, well, everything. I think a kind of semantic Wikipedia would not be a bad name for it. I have been doing some things with semantic web technologies for my M.Sc. thesis and I got to see the importance of metadata. Tim O’Reilly has given Freebase a tryContinue reading “Freebase”