Digg to Support OpenID


Kevin Rose, speaking here at the Future of Web Apps conference in London, just announced that Digg will adopt the OpenID decentralized digital identity platform. Don’t expect this right away though — adoption will begin “later this year” according to Rose.

This is great news. OpenID becomes more and more of a safe bet for single sign-on systems. Recently Microsoft and AOL have also announced they are going to support it. I have just been thinking if it’s understandable for “normal” people. With OpenID you login with an URL which seems counter-intuitive. You are not a website right?

A service like FreeYourID could be a solution to this. They decided to use the .name top-level domain extension for this purpose. So that your OpenID URL would become firstname.lastname.name. That would be zef.hemel.name in my case (actually works). This is fairly intuitive name, the problem is that this service will cost you after 90 days. Not much, but still.

I’m becoming more and more convinced for OpenID’s opportunity. I’ve finally updated my Advocacy page and OpenID is up there.

If you’re a web application developer, have a look at OpenID libraries for your language, they are generally simple to use and make the sign-up process a lot more attractive to your prospective customers. I’m much more tempted to try some new service if all I have to do is type in my OpenID and not go through a sign-up process.

Here you can find libraries to use OpenID in Python, Perl, PHP, Ruby, .NET, Coldfusion and Java