Microsoft to Support OpenID

SixApart blog:

You see, OpenID was originally created by Brad Fitzpatrick, who created LiveJournal (along with a ton of other open source platform software) and is one of the chief geeks here at Six Apart. Yesterday was Brad’s birthday, but today is when he really gets the best present: Microsoft is supporting OpenID. Brad posted a bit about the news in his journal.

Now, since we’re a company that releases tons of open source code and lives in the Web 2.0 world, we were a little skeptical, just like you might be. But the most reassuring sign of Microsoft’s endorsement is that they’re integrating OpenID with their CardSpace initiative. As Johannes Ernst, one of the leading advocates of OpenID said, it’s a little bit like OpenID and CardSpace got married.

And just as important was the way that Microsoft told the story. Though there’s a traditional press release as part of Microsoft’s presence in the RSA Conference, it’s reassuring to see Bill Gates himself speaking at length and in detail about OpenID in a way that shows he truly understands the technology.

Great news. I think it’s really time for people to adopt OpenID for their services. I’ve been working on another (secret) service and I built OpenID support into that. You’ll see, if it ever gets released (i.e. if it doesn’t turn out I have been reinventing the wheel again, and I don’t get bored with it before). It’s really quite easy to do, and great for me, because it take a lot of account management stuff out of my hands.

I also just installed the OpenID plugin for wordpress, you can just type your OpenID url into the comment form and post away. A use will be created which you don’t have to enter your details every time, plus you get a cool OpenID icon next to your name. So get a free OpenID account, for example at MyOpenID and try it out!