Piping the New Web

The video I included below has been floating around on different weblogs in the past days. It is an almost inspirational video about the new web, or web 2.0 if you will. In just about 5 minutes it explains where we came from and where we’re heading. Have a look at it.


This morning, all of the sudden, like half of the posts in my Google Reader were about the new Yahoo project: Yahoo! Pipes. It is being described as a visual mash-up creator. It allows you take data from different sources and combine them in some way. In this manner one could for example take the latest New York Times stories and run the title through the Flickr search and display the pictures it comes up with, like is done here.

If you want to know more about Yahoo! Pipes I’d like to refer you to just a few articles that have been written about this while I was sleeping: