Presently is Coming

Another secret Google project has been discovered. This time it is an online presentation tool (code named “Writely”). Nice. I imagine there are some applications for this, however I do wonder if people would (or should) actually use this during actual presentations. Would be a shame if all of a sudden some Google error appeared, wouldn’t it?

A little while ago I’ve been playing with some of the already existing applications of Google Docs & Spreadsheets. Horrible name by the way. What are they going to change it to now? Google Docs, Presentations & Spreadsheets? Anyway, I played with the “Docs” part of it. I’m not really a spreadsheet user. Although I think the docs app is nice, you shouldn’t use it to export to Word and continue editing it there. The result for me was not that great. But I imagine it would be nice for collaborative document editing. Has anybody noticed that Google uses a kind of Office 2007-like ribbon menu system in both Google Docs and Google Spreadsheets by the way?

I also wonder if the things you can do within the “standard” rich editor inside the browser are not too limited for actual word processing. I fear its extensibility will proof too limited soon. And then what? Build a new editing component using Javascript and DOM tricks? I did some small tests to see if it was feasible completely reimplementing an edit component in Javascript, and my finding was that it would be way too slow (at least on my computer).

Yay, and I managed to write another incoherent post. Anyway, looking forward having a look at this Presently tool.