Flickr, Is That RDF You’re Cooking?

I was reading some articles at O’Reilly’s excelent O’Reilly Radar weblog. Then I read this: Flickr, Yahoo’s amazing photo-sharing site, has added another tag based feature — this one aimed at developers. They are now supporting machine tags (or triple-tags). What are those you might ask? Triple tags? Triples, that rings a bell. So I decided toContinue reading “Flickr, Is That RDF You’re Cooking?”


Interesting article on Quoderat: In the current JSON vs. XML debate (see Bray, Winer, Box, Obasanjo, and many others), there are three things that important to understand: There is no information that can be represented in an XML document that cannot be represented in a JSON document. There is no information that can be representedContinue reading “JSON vs XML”