Java 6 is out

Gosh, I really haven’t been tracking what’s happening inside the Java world lately. I used some Java 5 features in a project I did in Trinity last year, but I never had a glance at Java 6, and now it’s already out in a final version. Wow.

The 6 areas in which Java 6 has been improved:

  1. Security (better integration with platform security systems, better authentication, smartcard support)
  2. Integrated Web Services support (lots of WS APIs)
  3. Scripting language support (easily integrate scripting into your software, with full-blown Javascript implementation)
  4. Enhanced Management and Serviceability (some new JMX stuff and memory monitoring fascilities)
  5. Increased Developer Productivity (marketing talk! Better APIs! New JDBC 4!)
  6. Improved User Experience (GUIs match native OS’s looks better, yay!)

Out of all of these I think the scripting language support is most significant. Scripting is starting to get more and more used, and adding scripting support to your applications is made a lot easier with these APIs. By default Java 6 comes with a full Javascript implementation. But there are other scripting language you will be able to use too, I suppose, probably Python (JPython) and Groovy.

I’ll have to wait until Apple ports it to the mac until I can try it out. Oh well, I can wait.