Rails vs. Django

An interesting comparison between Ruby on Rails and Django:

Ruby on Rails (“Rails”) is the dominant web programming framework for Ruby and, even outside the Ruby community, is considered the epitome of the latest generation of high-productivity, open source web development tools. Django is one of many competing web development frameworks for Python. It is notable, first, for being highly regarded amongst Python programmers, and second, for being one of the few of the new generation of frameworks that does not ape Ruby on Rails. Both Rails and Django claim greatly enhanced productivity, compared with more traditional web development frameworks.

In this paper, we compare the two frameworks from the point of view of a developer attempting to choose one of the two frameworks for a new project.

I myself am a Python fan. Although, I just realize haven’t written a single line of code for months, I’ve written poetry and essays about literary pieces, but no code. Quite a change. But ok, that’s beside the point. This paper (hosted on Google Docs, by the way as you can tell from the URL) is an interesting read. Recommended.