Google Acquires Jot

It’s been a few days already and I don’t think it was seen as a huge deal, but Google acquired Jot. Jot is a company that creates the Jotspot product which is by far the nicest wiki software out there, if it still can be called just a wiki. Jot goes further with the wiki concept than just text with hyperlinks between them. It allows users to structure data and create simple database-like applications in this way. In Jotspot which was upcoming before the company got acquired they extended the idea of a wiki beyond the concept of pages. They allowed to create wiki calendars, photo collections and other things that I cannot remember. Jot has the vision of allowing normal people develop software in a visual and simple way, a vision that I find very interesting.

And now Google acquired them, which is really cool. Jotspot always was a paid product and according to the Google take-over FAQ it will from be free from now on (as soon as they migrate to Google’s storage platform). So: good news. I left my e-mail address them and can’t wait to play with it and use it when they’ll start taking new sign-ups.