TV Torrent Feeds

Recently I started using Democracy player again to watch video blogs/podcasts, its interface is nicer than iTunes’ and as I do not have a video iPod I don’t want to put the videos on my iPod anyway. One nice feature that Democracy player has is that it contains a BitTorrent client. So if you have a feed with torrent enclosures it will download those too.

Then I started thinking, why aren’t people making such torrent feeds for TV shows on BitTorrent sites yet? Some torrent sites allow you to generate an RSS feeds based on search terms (maybe even with .torrent enclosures) but these often contain duplicates. What I would want for example is a feed I could subscribe to that contains the Studio 60 torrents on some torrent site. That way I could just subscribe to this feed in Democracy player and it will start downloading new episodes as they appear. It’s not very legal, but also not much more illegal than what there already is now.

Or are there already sites that do this?