And Another Entrant Enters

Denis Krukovsky sent me a link to yet another tag board: tagBoard. At its first look it looks a lot a group blog, but let’s be honest tag-based forums are not that different from a group blog other than that eventually the group of “bloggers” can grow into the thousands. It’s all a matter of how you present your data.

Of all the tag boards I’ve seen so far, this probably is the most basic one. There is no tag cloud, no social digg-like features. It’s just a place where anyone can post and comment on posts. Instead of categorizing the posts into boards and categories the discussion starter adds tags to his or her start post. I’m not very much impressed with tagBoard yet, let’s hope it will improve and the developer(s) will come up with some unique features.

Yesterday I talked about plagiarism. On that same topic, have a look at this: tagBoard about and Blogoforum about. Hmm?

I’ve been thinking about glorum a bit more and got quite fascinated with its approach to moderating the posts. People vote posts up and down, if you like it you vote it up, if you don’t (for example because it’s a flame or spam) you vote it down, if enough vote it down the post disappears. I really like this concept of social moderation. They are already being used on some news websites, such as as slashdot I think.

As I feel more people are starting to develop these kinds of tagged bulletin boards I think we should come up with a proper name for them. I myself sometimes use tag board, tagged board, tag bulletin board, tag-based board. What do you think?